Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friendship lol

According to I have 113 friends, 7 less than average. 75% are male, 25% are female. 40 are single, 41 are dating or married. If I contracted a deadly variant of flu, I would likely infect 9 people, 1 of whom would die. When I share something on Facebook, it is typically viewed by 15 people. If I died today, an estimated 356 people would try to attend my funeral. Based on my Facebook profile, I have a 89% probability of getting married. I am likely to earn US$2.7 million and have 2.1 children over my lifetime. Calculate your own stats at http://www.friendshipstats.

Well that's interesting. Why can't i just all that money now right? lol.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Polarity of things

Well during my physics class my teacher had a very good explanation with a coil and a magnet. When a approaches a magnet a coil it produces an induced current. Which depends which end of the magnet is in the lead will matter in the direction. This current will produce a magnetic field that opposes the magnet and pushes it back. When it's inside it doesn't produce any more current. As it leaves the other side it once again induces more current but it attracts the magnet back towards the coil. This is all do to Flux. Flux is equal to the change in the magnetic field. So as when its in the middle the field isn't changing. Because what's going out is coming back in so the net change is zero. But when it's leaving or entering the there is a change and coil opposes the change.
So the example she used to explain all of this is like how women are with men. When a man makes a move on a woman she's opposes it and is like get away. But once the girl likes him she doesn't want him to leave. She pulls back on him. Thus girls are coils and men are coils. All things may be explained through physics. Isn't it great!?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How much snow is too much snow?

Way too much snow if you ask me. I mean it was my dream as a little kid to have this much snow. I always wanted it. But now that I'm older I want it to go away. Why won't it go away!? Well the snow is some good news. I mean our prayers from all those years ago are finally being answered. I mean we should have plenty of water for the rest of the summer. That is if it doesn't get too hot too soon or it will all just vanish. I remember my first winter when we moved to Utah. I was only 5. We had a big storm that winter. It was 2 feet of snow in one night. They canceled church even for it. Canceled school and everything. I mean what more could a child want right? I never saw them cancel school ever again after that. But that's alright I mean we do have a snow day anyways.
Isn't it great to have to go through all that snow to go to school!? Nope the worst thing in the world to get wet and have to sit through 5 hours of school like that. Just is terrible, I don't know why we have to pay to suffer like that. This snow has stayed around way to long. And there is twice as much snow by my house then down on campus. What is up with that? Isn't it great too to see the big puddles of water on campus that everyone marches through. Man my feet got all wet after that. Just imagine if it snows too much what are you going to shovel all the snow, it's not like we got plenty of room for it. Yeah snow is a pain when you get older. You love it while you'rea a kid. But now its not so great. Well I guess not if you're a skier or something like that. Oh well these are just some of my thoughts. If you want to knwo more just write me hehe. Laters

Monday, December 01, 2008

Once there was a snowman

You know the song. lol. Yeah last week was pretty good. Saw a few snowmen, none of them were dying like in the song but it was cool. hehe. Thanksgiving was great. Went to Pagosa Spring Colorado. We had a good time there. You know some quality family time.

Friday, November 14, 2008


As life moves on we have a lot people that we met. That we interact with. That we must talk to. We sometimes don`t want to know someone but we do. These people become, our friends, relatives, bullies, just people we know, class mates, and many other things. One of the must important people that we know are our friends. Friendships can gone on for forever or even just as short as an hour. We make a lot of friends here in this life. Some we regret others we`re grateful for years to come and even into the eternities. If even of you are like me you have a whole bunch of groups of friends. Me for example have some from elementary school, junior high and high school. But surprisingly enough as it is each school I had different friends. I would always make friends with people who didn`t continue going to the same school as me. Yeah it made it a little hard to adjust but I met a lot of new people which I am very thankful for. Like to going to BYU not knowing a soul in my hall. Then I met a lot of great people. So everything always works out for the better. The wierdest was metting people who went to BYU in Recife. Well at least I saw them on campus. And there they were in Recife serving their missions. Yeah the strangest thing.
Have a lot of different circles of friends is something that is quite useful. All my freinds from my Caculus class can help me with math and stuff. My computer friends from my various computer classes help me with my video game and help me with my computer problems. MY friends from other places help me with all the other things. So when I have certain issues I know whom I need to contact. And they always know that they can contact me. But as we know as time goes along we all seem to either draw closer or farther apart. We can`t stay where we are. So we have to make an active choice to keep in contact or to not. This is when we learn who are our true friends. The ones that will stick with us through thick and thin. Life does has its twists and turns. Friends come and friends go, if you lose them there are more fish in the sea. There are a few other billion to choose from. Of course none of them are the same. Each is special in their own way. God has a plan for each of them and for you.
I remember one of my friend from being younger, we would do stuff all the time. We did so much stuff. Sleep out in his home-made fort, ride our bikes together, do scouting stuff, and I even did a front flips on my bike with him. The funnies thing I can remember that happened was that Drew got mad at him and threw a canning jar at his neck. Yeah I got pretty mad afterwards but that`s all in the past. Well after a few years he made away. I visited him every now and then. But as time went on we lost contact. Later I found out that he was into drugs and some other problems. I made me really sad to see my old friend in the situation. It makes me wonder if I was still his friend what would have happened. Maybe I could have helped him stay out of that stuff, or I could have been pulled into it. Who knows? I had anohter best friend, we went to Junior High together and always were together. We`d watch Dragon Ball Z at his house everyday and play together all day. We were the best of friends. As time went on we went to High School, I stopped seeing him, and he dropped out and he fell into drugs and some other things. Another I see this happen to. There was nothing that I could do.
Friends influence us for the good or for bad, that`s why our parents told us to be careful about our friends. I`m sure as you look back on your life you can see the influence of your friends that they had on you. They make you or break you. You`ll see the habits you picked up from them, the little quirks they have. Just remember imitation is must sincere for of flattery. ^_^
Yesterday we had a great suprise party for Owen`s birthday. I mean it was quite the suprise having your birthday party a day early. Greg his brother, I call him the Wookie, kept him busy as we got everything ready and they got there and suprise!. It was good stuff. I mean I`m not quite sure how Owen felt, but I`m sure he felt good. I wouldn`t know no one ever threw me a suprise party. Nor do I want them do, I`m afraid I`d wet myself, lol, jk. That`s what friends are for though.
The title of friend is has a different value changing from person to person. I hold people in high esteem if they are my friends. Like on Facebook all the people I have on there I really consider my friends, ok not all but most. It`s really to identify a best friend for me, because it seems I have so many. Well at least I don`t have a lack of

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Welcome Back

Well after 2 years in hiding I am now free to telling the world what has really been happening.
Not much has happened since the last I wrote, I mean, I lost 55 lbs, I speak portuguese fluently now and I speak english really funny. I have an awesome high collar tan line.
Things are going great at home. The rent is really low here, the rent just costs me the time it takes to help my mom clean up. It was a little work to get everything ready for winter,but it was a good thing we did or that snow would have killed us.
The BYU foot ball was really good, but really really cold. We won of course, 21 to 3. We should have won by a lot more, but we`ll leave for next game. I went with Owen Savannah, and Jeramy. It was great to see them again.
Right now just looking for a job and stuff. and here`s some pics from my mish, have a fun time looking at them.

This me and my city Recife

My cannon ready to blast away all the pirates

Me and my little friend

The first family I baptized, Valmir and Nilzlene
This is porto de galinhas

Monday, October 02, 2006

Email to Blog Post

Hey just seeing if I can just email this and post a blog. Cause that would be good so that everyone can visit my blog and I don't have to write everyone evertime. So this is just testing out to see if that works. So if you're reading this, that means you'll be in for a real treat in a few months. Cause you know what, most likely there'll be a new post.

Reach out and torch someone